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Diversity Management Program

We are pleased to introduce our Diversity Management Program. This web-based software system is accessible to certified firms, consultants, contractors, Port Authority tenants and staff, as well as the general public.

The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey (Port Authority) has begun monitoring awards and payments to primes and subcontractors associated with Design, Construction, Operations & Maintenance, Professional Services, and Concessions contracts. This monitoring will increase reporting accuracy on utilization of certified businesses include SBE, DBE, SDVOB and Minority- and Women-owned and Business Enterprise (MWBE) and local participation.

The Port Authority will use the Diversity Management System (DMS) to conduct this monitoring. As a prime contractor awarded a Design, Construction, Operations & Maintenance, Professional Services and Concessions contract, your firm is to use the DMS to report payments to all subcontractors.

As a Prime, you are to log in to review and update certain information, to begin, follow the steps below:

  1. 1.     Visit the DMS Account Lookup and follow the on-screen directions to look up your firm’s account and then access the secure System. Please note that you may add as many users to your DMS account as necessary to report and view contract compliance data. Contact Customer Support via any of the System links if you have any questions while attempting to access your account.

    There is a Vendor Guide available to help you get started with this process. Click B2Gnow-vendor-guide.pdf for the guide.

  2. 2.     Review and update all contact information as necessary for your firm. Subcontractors should be directed to also review and update their contact information.
  3. 3.     Go to View>>My Contracts to Add subcontractors. After adding first tier subcontractors lower tiers can be added beneath them.
  4. 4.     For any contract, go to the Audit List to “add an audit” and report payments for any of the subcontractors on the list.
  5. 5.     The System will notify your Subcontractors to log in to review the amounts of their payments and confirm their values in the System. Please encourage them to comply with the notifications in a timely manner. In instances where the prime did not make a payment to a subcontractor during an audit period, the prime is still required to enter and submit $0.
  6. 6.     You can use the System links to send an electronic message to the compliance officer on the contract to raise any issue or concern you may have.

Each month all sub-contractor payments are to be entered no later than the 10th calendar day.

You may also register for upcoming training sessions to learn more about system functionality, as well as classes that focus specifically on reporting payment to Subcontractors. There are web-based training sessions scheduled throughout the coming weeks. To register, click on “Training Classes” under Help & Tools from any screen in the System and click RSVP next to an upcoming session. You can also access the training classes without logging in by clicking here.

There is no cost to Contractors to use the System or to take training classes. If you require technical assistance during the login process or when using the System, please use the online support form or email: panynj@diversitysoftware.com.
This system has been established in consultation with our independent compliance consultants and our staff and is a best practice for an effective business compliance program.

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention and participation.

If you already know your login credentials, please click here to login.

If you are looking for an existing account for your company or a user account for yourself, please perform an Account Lookup

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